The Hobbit Review

About a week ago, my family and I traversed the very long road that got us to the movies. Mind you, this was the first time that we had ever gone to the movies as a family.

Anyways, we planned to split up and each to go into different movies. My dad and I went to go see The Hobbit.

Let me just say that this was probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. I was never a fan of Lord of the Rings movies but this movie changed my mind.

The movie starts off with Bilbo writing a letter to Frodo, explaining the adventure that he had as a young hobbit.

The movie then goes into the depth of the adventure that he has when Gandalf approaches him at his hut.

It is hard for Bilbo to agree to go on this quest but he ends up doing it after 13 dwarves show up to his home.

The whole accompaniment is lead by Thorin Oakinshield, the king dwarf.

Throughout the movie, it goes on to explain the background of the dwarves. I won’t say what it is because that would be a spoiler.

As the adventure continued on, it seemed like it was over too soon. Before I knew it, the credits were rolling and the lights were already up.

The basic plot of this movie was that it is about a hobbit named Bilbo who goes on an adventure with Gandalf and they have to help the Dwarves get their castle back from Smaug, the evil dragon that took over castle.

Honestly, I really loved this movie. It was probably one of the best I have seen all year because it had amazing cgi and nothing looked like it was faked. When I do see pictures on Tumblr and see some scenes that have the green screen behind them, they don’t look like they were fake.

I would rate this movie as 5 out of 5 stars. This movie was amazing.


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December Book Haul

I owe you guys a post. I just want to apologize for not posting in a while but here it is. Yay! I wanted to do a December book haul. The books I got are, The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and finally Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

I’m excited for The Hobbit because it’s already a movie adaptation that came out about a week ago. If you don’t know, the movie is about a little person, or a hobbit, that is recruited on an adventure by Gandalf. His kind of people don’t go on adventures. The whole mission is to get back gold from this evil dragon. I haven’t finished it yet and that is all I know.

The second book, The Happiness Project, is about a mother who is trying to live her life to the fullest when she realizes that she hasn’t been doing it lately. She dedicates a whole year to being happier and ready philosopher’s works like Plato and Hume.

Nicholas Sparks is probably one of the best romance authors ever to have existed. He writes love stories that have a true feel to it and they allow you to actually have a connection with the characters. Safe Haven is no different. This book is also going to become a movie adaptation. The main storyline for this book is that a new girl moves to this small town to escape her brutal husband that used to beat her. She befriends her next door neighbor and then a guy that owns a grocery store. She finds out that his wife died and he is left with their two kids. I haven’t finished this book either so that is about all I know for now.

J.K. Rowling has become an international superstar with her Harry Potter series. I’ve always loved the movies. The Prisoner of Azkaban is the third installment of the series and it’s Harry Potter knowing that there is a prisoner somewhere loose. Potter goes to his third year at Hogwarts and goes on a trip with his friends to keep this prisoner out of the prison. He later finds out that he is his godfather.

Anna Karenina

is a story about a girl who is unhappily married and has an affair with a count. She is part of the evil eye of society and is scorned. She is very isolated as a person. I’m barely starting this book so, again, I’m not sure exactly what it’s about.

Finally, Les Misérables is about an ex-convict who is released from jail after being there for 19 years for just stealing a loaf of bread. I will probably do a review for these books after I read them.

Anyways, I hope you guys like this and I hope you have a nice day. Bye!

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Breaking Dawn part 2 review

Everyone has heard of the Twilight series. If you haven’t, you might have been living under a rock. Just kidding but seriously, who hasn’t heard about Twilight? As books, they were wildly popular but when they were turned into movies, forget it.

When I first watched the trailer for the movie Twilight, I liked it. It also motivated me to get the books and read them. This happened my freshman year in high school.

Now we reach my freshman year in college and the saga is finally coming to an end. As you all know, the movie Breaking Dawn part 2 premiered last night at 10 o’clock and as you can expect, there was a long line. Wait, no. Long lines is the better word.

Waiting for the movie to start was the worst because there was nothing to do unless you brought some type of electronic with you to keep you entertained.

Anyways, let’s continue with the review. So, this last part of the movie is about when the Volturi want to punish the Cullens for creating an abomination of a child. What they don’t know though is that the child was born and not turned. With the previous experience that they had with vampire babies was that one could kill a whole village with a tantrum. When the Volturi were faced with this problem, they scoured the earth to find the Cullens and also anyone that was against them. Sadly, the Volturi couldn’t find a lot of people that were against them so they just went to fight.

The movie was 2 hours long and I think that they crammed a lot of stuff into it. They rushed through everything and it became obvious that they put all of their focus on the fight scene at the end. It was a picture version of skimming through a book and landing on your favorite part.

I love these books, they’re amazing but the movies just don’t do them justice. The fight scene was good but they didn’t spend too much time on other things that were as equally important.

I don’t know if it was just me but I kind of had high hopes for Renesme and how she would look. I honestly believe that they also didn’t spend a lot of time on her, especially when she was a baby. When she was a baby, she completely looked Photoshop-ed. I know that a lot of things in this society are Photoshop-ed but it isn’t as obvious and at least the producers tried. But then again, this one was produced by Stephanie Meyer so it’s understandable.

All in all, I think that I give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars.


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First vlog

So, I wanted to try out a whole new thing. I did a vlog. I know, different but I’m excited. 😀 I posted this on and I will give you the link. Hopefully you guys like it and if you have any feedback as to what I could do better, then post comments below. 🙂 Have a nice night.

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Tiger’s Curse Review

Tiger’s Destiny Review

Alright, here it goes. I just finished Tiger’s Destiny yesterday and let me say that it was one that I utterly enjoyed. This book is fourth in a four book series by Colleen Houck. She has written Tiger’s Curse, Tiger’s Quest and Tiger’s Voyage. As you can probably tell, these books deal with tigers. The story follows a plot that includes and evil sorcerer and love. I have a disclaimer though. There are a lot of places where I tell you guys the ending. Just so you know. If you don’t want to know the ending, stop reading this and finish reading the books first.

The story is about a girl named Kelsey Hayes. She has been through a rough time because her parents passed away due to a car accident. She later gets adopted by her foster parents, Sarah and Mike Neilson. She looks for a job and gets one at the carnival. Through the acts, she spots a beautiful Bengal tiger that is white with black stripes and striking blue eyes. She starts to talk to this tiger without knowing the fact that he is actually human. Mr. Kadam, or the tiger’s caretaker, offers Kelsey an internship in India. She accepts. After they arrive in India, Kelsey goes out to explore the jungle with Ren. Ren transforms into a man and explains to Kelsey, the curse that he was subjected to by Lokesh. In that same clearing, she meets Phet, a wise old man that explains to her the curse and how that became the tiger’s destiny. She accepts to go on a mission to help save the prince and give him 6 hours of being human. Somewhere along the way, Kelsey meets Ren’s younger brother, Kishan, who was also turned into a tiger by Lokesh. Ren, Kishan and Kelsey have to find the first present of Durga.

In the second book, Tiger’s Quest, Kelsey wants nothing to do with Ren and she ends up going back to Oregon. Since she had fallen in love with Ren, she wants nothing to do with him after the first quest. She tries to date other guys and give some a chance but she realizes that she can’t stop thinking about Ren. He knocks on her door and realizes that she does love him a lot. The time comes when the three of them have to go find the second present of Durga. When they are coming out of the cave from where they have just visited Durga, Ren gets captured by Lokesh and isn’t heard from again until the end of the book. During that time, Kelsey is heartbroken and torn whether Ren is alive or not. Meanwhile, Kishan and Kelsey have to go on the quest to find the second present. They do and in the end, Ren is alive but was tortured by Lokesh and doesn’t remember anything about Kelsey because he didn’t want Lokesh knowing anything about Kelsey. Lokesh also wants to have the Damon Amulet. He had succeeded in getting both pieces and then gains another one.

In the third masterpiece of the series, Houck goes on with the torture of Ren not knowing anything that turns the book Tiger’s Voyage in an almost love/hate relationship. Ren doesn’t remember anything with Kelsey because Durga had wiped all of his memories of her. Kelsey is broken hearted about this and starts to mingle with Kishan more than before. A love interest sparks. In the meantime, Ren is dating other girls that don’t seem to fill the empty hole in his heart. Every time he gets close to Kelsey, he experiences great pain which just leads to avoidance on his part. While on the yacht to get the third present of Durga, Kelsey and Kishan are on the deck and end up kissing. Ren, seeing this, gets all of his memories back of Kelsey and apologizes deeply for causing her a vast amount of pain. She doesn’t want him anymore because she has also made her pick. They then go to get the third present of Durga and by the end, Kelsey gets captured by Lokesh.

The fourth and last book, Tiger’s Destiny, Kelsey gets rescued by her two lovers and Kishan asks for her hand in marriage. She accepts and Ren is just disappointed. Kelsey makes it obvious that she still has feelings for Ren but she tries to keep them hidden from her fiancé. They meet up with Lokesh for the second to last time. Since he has three of the five pieces of the amulet, he gets more power but is craving more. Mr. Kadam fights but ends up dying for the cause. Lokesh gains another part of the amulet and is more powerful than before. They mourn Mr. Kadam’s death and bury him with the tiger’s parents in India. As they prepare for the last and final present from Durga, Kelsey is still trying to figure out the feelings she has for Kishan and Ren. They go through a land that is filled with fire trees and encounter a Phoenix. This Phoenix makes Kelsey walk through lava inside a volcano and she almost dies. The Phoenix makes her realize the feelings that she has for Ren. Her tiger’s come and rescue her after climbing the large volcano and find that Kelsey is okay. Although she burned most of her skin off, the Phoenix has renewed everything in her body. They continue on with their quest and travel back in time and meet the human form of Durga. She is referred to Anamika.  All three stay in the past for what seems to be a long time. They help the army that Anamika is leader of and there is a rivalry between Kelsey and her. Anamika falls for Ren and it seems that Ren returns those feelings. They figure out that Lokesh is a big feral beast. They have to defeat him in order for Anamika to become the goddess. When they get enough troops to fight Lokesh, most of the men die. Near the end of the book, they end up slaying Lokesh but Ren has died. Kishan then carries the tiger’s body back to camp and plan to have a proper burial for him. They end having all of the five pieces of the amulet and with that, they raise Ren from the dead but Kishan had to give a part of him to help his brother. When they are finally going home to their present time, a fifth sacrifice has to be made. Kishan decides to stay behind to help Durga with running the army and a country as well. In return, Sunil, or the brother of Durga, has to go to the present time with Kelsey and Ren. Durga is distraught but agrees. All three go back to the present and realize that they have been gone more than six months. Ren asks for Kelsey’s hand in marriage. She agrees and they get married and have a happy ending.

Phew. That was a lot. Sorry guys. I have you reading a book as well. I really liked this book because it kept me entranced. I am a sucker for romance and these books had more than that. This book especially has a lot of action and a happy ending. I’m also a sucker for those. Houck is a very good author and for her being new to the scene of being an author, she did a great job on these books.

Lol. Anyways, I hope you guys liked this review because I surely did.


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This movie just premiered and many have already seen it. Others, though, have not. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must watch. Paranormal Activity 4 has suspense, terror and the obvious, paranormal activity. If you have seen the other paranormal movies, this one is just as scary if not scarier. No joke, it had me on the edge of my seat.

This movie begins where the third one left off just about a year ago. At the ending of the third movie, Aunt Katie kills her sister’s husband by breaking his neck. She then goes upstairs and kills her sister and takes Hunter, the baby. I promise, this is the only teaser you will get even if isn’t a teaser. 🙂

The only difference in this movie is that there was actually some humor. Although the part was fleeting, the funniest part in the movie had to be when the little boy says that his ‘friend’ doesn’t like the family and then the guy is all like, “the f**k?”

The reason I love these movies is because they seem like they’re homemade. I like that about these because it adds realness to the story. It makes them more personal. It’s kind of like the movie Cloverfield.

I don’t really like scary movies but these kinds are kind of my favorite. The bad part, though, was that I was by myself in the movie theaters. I didn’t even have a sweater to cover up the scary parts. Oh well. 😛

Ariel Schulman, the director of this movie, was also the director for Paranormal Activity 3 and Catfish. If you don’t know what the movie Catfish is about, I’m going to tell you. The movie is basically about an old lady that is trying to act like a young woman. She is socially awkward so she pretends to be someone that she isn’t. She pretends to have a six year old daughter that is a painter protégée but in reality, the mother is the one that does all of the paintings. The thing is, though, that Niv’s friends are recording all of it. Niv is the main character. They record Niv’s whole ‘relationship’ with Megan, the internet girl. When they finally go meet her, she isn’t who they thought she was.

That is some background on the director. Seeing as he directed Paranormal Activity 3, everybody knows what that movie is about. So, that’s my review. Hope you guys liked it.


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“Paranormal Activity 4” Review

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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Review

Hey guys. I just finished reading a book called “The Fault in our Stars”. I had seen this

book on Instagram and it was posted on a girl that I follow. I looked for it in my library

and was finally able to find it.

Anyways, the book started out a little slow but what book doesn’t? You basically fall in

love with the characters since the beginning. This story is about Hazel, a girl with

cancer. She survived it once before but it came back. She prefers to be home most of

the the time by herself. The only life she has outside of her home is when she goes to

school and Support Group.

By fate, it seems, she runs into a guy named Augustus Waters in Support Group and

they hit it off nicely. Even though they are strangers, their relationship starts to slowly

develop. They bond through books and video games. Hazel finds out that Waters used

to play basketball but quit because he had his left leg amputated.

Waters finds out that Hazel is in love with “An Imperial Affliction” that is written by Van

Houten. What Hazel doesn’t know though is that Waters hasn’t used up his wish. They

figure out that Van Houten lives in Amsterdam and they take a flight over there. What

they meet isn’t what they expected. Van Houten is a drunk that is fat and also very

forthcoming with his truth. In the end of their meeting, Waters has to basically get Hazel

out of Van Houten’s face.

They go to the hotel and as Augustus tries to pry the door open from the elevator open,

he gets some severe pain somewhere in his body. He winces and of course Hazel sees.

She asks whether he is okay and he say he is but what she doesn’t know is hat his

cancer has come back. As Augustus describes it, he has “lit up like a Christmas tree”.

They go into Augustus’ room and have sex.

Two days go by and they head back to the United States. Augustus gets worse to the

point where he is in a wheelchair. Later, Augustus wants to have a pre-funeral and Isaac

and Hazel are the ones that are present. A week after that, Augustus died.

That is basically the summary of the book. I am totally in love with this book! John

Green is a genius with a pen. I would give this book a 10 out of 10. You fall in love with

the characters so much you don’t want the story to end. It seems like 300 odd pages

wasn’t enough to tell the story of these two lovers it seems. I’m going to be honest with

you guys right now: I do get teary eyed sometimes with books but this book was

completely different. It was a full on bawl session. I can’t explain it to you guys but that’s

how much of an impact Green had with his writing on me.

Anyways, I hope you guys read this book because it was amazing. I can honestly say

that Green knows his stuff.


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30 day challenge fail and work

I know I had said that I would post for 30 days without stopping but I obviously failed. I’ve been so busy with school and work, so I apologize for not keeping up with this blog. I will make no promises but I will get better at this. 🙂 I hope everybody is doing great on their Friday. I wish I had today off of work but sadly I don’t. 😦 Oh well. Let’s see. A topic for today will be work. I recently applied to McDonald’s and got the job almost immediately. No joke. Three weeks after I had sent the application, I got the job. That was so exciting. Since August 9, 2012, I have been an employee of McDonald’s and I’m proud of it. Sometimes it does get very stressful but we manage to get through it. The first day that I was at the store, I was scared because I didn’t know anyone and it was new. I remember that they put me on fries and everybody was nice to me. Luckily, I’m not referred to ‘New Girl’ anymore. I’m so happy about that. Anyways, after I finished that shift, the next day, my arms were so sore but I had to return the next day for more training. Now, everything is getting easier even though I still mess up sometimes. That happens though because we are human I guess. Anyways, that is it. Happy blogging everyone. 🙂Image

Credit for this photo goes to McDonald’s and all of it’s owners.

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30 day challenge

Recently, I was reading my textbook for my English 102 class and had seen that one of the things that were good for any writer is to keep a blog. Now, I know that we were doing this for #sji12. I haven’t been very good at keeping up with that and I want to apologize. Now though, I want to treat this almost as an assignment. So with that, I want to do this 30 day challenge for blogging.

Here is my first one of my challenge. Today’s topic is why it’s so important to keep a blog. For people that want to become writers or journalists, knowing how to write in different mediums is important. Since society is evolving, knowing how to use different mediums has come important. Now days, journalists aren’t just newspaper journalists but also bloggers and also know how to handle a camera. Now, journalists who just know how to write for the newspaper are asking for help on how to work a camera or how to make videos so that they could get the information out there.

Videos are easier to get out to the public because they include sound bites and pictures to better give you an image of what is actually happening. Not only has that but newspaper taken a while to actually get to the public but it’s also on a steady decline. Newspapers like The New York Times have gone to the internet as well as keeping their newspaper.


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Hey there guys. I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with my blog posts. I’m horrible at that, as you can see.  Anyways, today’s topic is college.  So far, it has been a good experience. Although I was a bit bummed out about not going to ASU and not being a Sun Devil, Estrella Mountain Community College has really helped me out.  In this school, there are a lot of people from different ages.

What I’ve learned so far is that teachers don’t take crap. When they tell you to do something, they expect you to do it. For example, in my English 102 class, our teacher gave us the hand out that included all of the assignments for the whole semester. Last week, on Saturday, our class hadn’t read the chapters that were assigned. He was no play and said, ‘Next week, you guys will have a quiz on all of the chapters that you have to read this week.’ That’s when we knew that he was no nonsense.

That’s just one teacher and he is pretty laid back. Some aren’t like that. But so far, this college experience has been a good one. It really opens your eyes and teaches you that time management is key. If you don’t get on with your work, you will fall behind. I have a friend that says that she is already falling behind in her reading class. This is probably because she put the homework on her ‘to-do later’ plate.

I can’t wait until I’m ready to go to ASU but until then, Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) is my home school. Go Lions! I hope that everyone who is still in high school do good in their AP tests so that you can get credits. Anyways, I hope you have a good day. 🙂


I have some light reading ahead of me.

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